The object is to follow a path and answer the questions long the way. Once you pass the first point the next point will show on the device. If you are off the path you will miss the questions. The path will take you into Yarra’s edge and then to St Kilda marina and back to the club. There are 14 points to do challenges and questions.

  1. Players need to download TURF HUNT app and then type in a code to start the Trivia Hunt. The code will be given when you join the trivia hunt.
  2. You can have as many devices per boat or one device each will have to enter the boats name that they are on.
  3. The course should take an hour and everyone can start at any time during the day but must finish before 3:30pm,
  4. Results will be consolidated, and winners will be announced at 4pm

Prizes for 1st Most points, 2nd and 3rd

Prize for the funniest photo and the best selfie