Dear Members

In the last Propellor Report to you I expressed the hope that we were past the worst of COVID-19 and hopefully “back to normal”. Of course within weeks Lockdown

4 was announced and we were back to home confinement and worse still no boating. As I write restrictions have been lifted to the point that we can operate normally in our Bar, Bistro & BBQ area, functions however will be curtailed due to the 1 person per 4 square metre rule and the fact that they can only be sit down.

The other major event has been our Annual General Meeting which was very well attended by members resulting in a full house. Before I get into the happenings of the AGM, I would firstly like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank all the members of the outgoing committee who did such outstanding work in extraordinary circumstances. Each and every one of them did their best and are deserving of our thanks.

To the AGM. For the first time in many years elections were held and the positions at contest were Secretary, General Committee
and Crew member. My thanks to our Treasurer Peter Skene who acted as Returns Officer and the volunteers who acted as scrutineers being Past Commodore Lawrie Nelson and long time member David Collins. After the voting and counting was done it was announced that the votes went
to Mark Rindfleish as Secretary; Kathie Rindfleish, Marco Sampaio
& Greg O’Connell on General Committee and finally Mark Bourke as Crew Member. They together with the unopposed positions which include myself, Simon Mills as Vice Commodore, Chris Ackerman as Rear Commodore, Peter Skene as Treasurer, make up the entire new committee. I look forward to working with the new and not so new members of the Committee in taking the club forward.

In closing I would like to sincerely thank the outgoing members of the past Committee being Livio Andolfatto, Steve Warner, Joe Borg and Anne Fish for their dedication to the club.

Remember whether on the water or ashore, stay safe and have fun.

Paul F Doherty Commodore